Special interest and activity tours

Scandinavia has so much to offer the world.

In this global day and age, many people travel to learn from other cultures and societies or to utilize their sporting facilities. Whether it is public authorities, NGO’s or private interest groups, Creact can make it happen. Rooted in the Nordic culture and societies we know where to go and who to call, to arrange the meetings or activities, at your client’s request.

What we offer for your special interest groups

For private interest groups, who come to learn more about a certain subject, e.g. Viking history, knitting the Norwegian way, design, gastronomy, architecture – anything – we help you create the program and connect them to the relevant experts and venues. For people interested in certain sport activities like climbing, sailing, surfing, rowing, hunting, fishing, golfing, skiing, cycling and much more, we help you plan the trip of their dreams.

For NGO’s and companies – private or public – who come to study our political and social institutions, (e.g. nursing homes, sustainability in energy production, agriculture and waste management to mention a few) we help you plan the itinerary and arrange visits to companies and institutions of interest.

If you search your market for segments with special interests, Creact will help you boost your business in Scandinavia. We do have so much to offer.

Contact us and we will boost your business in Scandinavia

Scandinavia has the greatest venues you can ever imagine.

With our creativity and expertise in corporate events (MICE), we work closely with you to tailor a program that meets all your clients’ requirements and ensures your company a loyal and satisfied customer.

Let us surprise you.

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