Breathtaking and
wonderful Norway

Welcome to Norway.
Perhaps the most beautiful country in the world

Creact work with one of Norway’s leading fjord experts to determine the most beautiful and spectacular routes through the country – whether it is for your groups or individual travelers. With more than 30 years of experience in Norway, we can safely promise that you will not find a more reliable or knowledgeable partner in this extremely beautiful country.

All countries have beautiful sceneries.
Norway has much more.

You cannot imagine the exhilarating feeling of Norwegian nature, light, freshness and fragrance until you are actually there.

The far north is ruled by midnight sun in the summer and flickering Northern Lights in the winter, while the Sami people herding their reindeer all year round – regardless of the lighting mood.

In the south, a beautiful archipelago extends Oslo, the capital city, into the sea.

In between, you will find the spectacular fjords, majestic mountains full of wild berries and mushrooms, green valleys with colorful wooden farmhouses and raging rivers with wild salmon ready to bite.

Trolls and Vikings are a living part of it all.
At least to the Norwegians.


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  • Capital: Oslo, famous for its beautiful location and good restaurants.
  • Norway is a constitutional monarchy with a population of 5.2 mill.
  • Currency: The Norwegian krone, NOK. However, Euros are widely accepted.
  • Non-EU residents are eligible to a VAT refund in stores marked “tax free shopping”.
  • Summer weather is changeable from sunny to cloudy or rainy. Winter is cold, icy and snowy.
  • See the Northern Lights in Norway

Have a look at our tailor-made tours in Norway – for groups as well as individual travelers.


3 days, 2 nights

Enjoy a panoramic city tour including highlights such as the Holmen Ski Jump and Vigeland Park the world’s largest sculpture park made by Gustav Vigeland’s.

Then visit the alluring Drøbak fishing Village and by boat the impressive Oscarsborg Fortress, located on the Oslo Fjord.

Scandinavian Panorama

11 days, 10 nights

Including cities with historical guided tours in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, Oslo, capital of Norway and Bergen the gateway to the fjords.

From Bergen we cruise on the two beautiful UNESCO listed fjords, Geiranger and Nærøy.


5 days, 4 nights

This tour is a feast for the eye. We visit some of the most beautiful fjord landscapes, and just imagine what they look like, with the hillsides decorated in red and yellow autumn colors.

We visit colourful Bergen, Hardanger and Sogn Fjord, and cruise on the most amazing Aurland Fjord and Sogn Fjord – the longest and deepest fjord in Norway.

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